The Major Mistakes of women in a relationship?

Did you ever meet a man you think is right for you, but once you knew him better, I noticed that he did not feel the same level of engagement like yourself?

Attracted to him but he did not feel the same about you?

You wonder what it feels like, what a great guy he is. Both of you have felt “chemistry” Gaza, causing you to feel comfortable, but for some reason he did not really want to communicate with you. or that…

Did you sleep with anyone ever soon after meeting him, but then when it happened, you felt a heavy feeling in your stomach? You knew it was a mistake, but you did it anyway. And … that you knew would happen – happened in practice: no explanation is out of your life.

Of course, the most important is: not that it happened, but you knew that you had to do it in the first place … but you did it. And finally:

Did you ever meet with a guy for a long time … let’s say six months or more … and did you spot the important discourse consumed “him. When you tried to raise the issue of institutionalizing relations and achieve commitment, he just blinked … and then away from you … and the relationship ended immediately after that?

You tried to get close to him, and somehow he walked away from you.

I suppose that when one thinks of these events happened, your friends said as follows:

“He’s just a jerk, forget it.”

Or that said: “He did not notice what a mistake he made, I’ll miss him”, but he never realized the error and not without it.

Worst of all you kept thinking about it.

It really hurt you. The reason it hurt you is because I was afraid that the problem is related to you (and he was a total jerk).

In fact to this day you still have the feeling that you might have done something wrong, and in essence you made some of the problems … if you knew the right thing to do, things would have turned out differently …

The bad news is that apparently you’re right. There is a chance that you have an interest, and apparently things have been different, if you knew how to handle the situation
If you only knew what to do …

What is the secret of attraction and holding the man …

The main problem here, and the matter that was an obstacle in your way, is not easy to understand men. And when you find a good man, he does not come with an “instruction manual”.

This is your girlfriends said it was not your fault and it’s just a jerk, does not mean they understood the problem (or they realize that men in general). Your friends tried to comfort and encourage you in good faith. Wanted you to feel better. But they are aggravating the situation.

They try to put the blame where, instead of trying to help you figure out how to keep your good guy. The truth is hard to find good guys … and when you have one of these, you can not afford to lose it, that I were foolish, stupid mistake. You can not “throw” six months or more, and could jeopardize relations have values ​​… just because you did not know how to handle a particular situation.

Well, the good news is there something you can do about it:

You can learn how to understand men, to make them open up and understand you. You’ll learn how to catch the guy and how to maintain it. From the perspective of the man, the other side says:

Three mistakes women make in relationships with men they sensed this without …

Three of these errors are responsible for the failure of meetings and relationships with men, more than any other factor;

The first mistake: to give men the feeling that you are “consumed” and ‘badly security ”

Did you know that there are three ways to turn on a warning light in the man’s insecurity and make him think twice about having a relationship with you?

Sad that women with confidence, often ignore one of these signs, when enough of them to destroy the chances of a second date. Check yourself if the guilty one will ever have made these errors:

Saying nasty things about your fellow ex. Saying bad things about men that you had contact with them projecting negativity back to you. Man worry that you carry a “package” will have to deal with it, if you mess with you.

Negative statement about other women. When women call other women names like “whore”, “witch”, and “crazy”, it certainly does not allow the man you are attracted. Women usually do so in the sight of a pretty girl, attractive, stimulating, especially if they feel that I liked her man. It only makes a man think you’re covering your insecurities, and looking for approval and attention. it’s not good.

Too much physical contact, especially in public. If you’re always hanging man, or touches it over much, he will begin to see it as clingy behavior … the problem will not hear it from him. It is better to look after the contacts are rare and brief moments that will surprise and enchant him.

Second mistake: her aspect “sex” instead of his emotional aspect

Many women make the mistake of thinking that men especially are attracted by sex alone … they think if they would be able to attract him sexually, then it will go to them emotionally.

Women, frequently have sex with a man in the hope that it will turn into a relationship in which they achieve the they want. In reality, a man able to see a sexual relationship and emotional connection as two completely different things. Requires a special set of skills both in the mind of man, and keep them connected.

Men need more than just sex. A woman who knows how to fulfill them sexually and emotionally, the woman who conquers the hearts … and gets that same realization for itself.

The third mistake: not knowing how to measure the “potential relationships” of man

Many women decide whether to spend or not spend energy constructing a relationship with a man based on the attraction. Yes, attraction is important, but it can also be dangerous. When we feel a strong sense of attraction to someone, may ignore reason and instincts … something Siobilno overlook potential partner fatal blunders that may cause trouble down the road.
If you were stuck in a relationship that pulls you down, that’s probably why.

Very important ability to measure the man and discover all the “signs of admonitions” bad relationship in the future, do not waste your time or emotional energy on someone who is right for you, or Siazbc when heartbreak.

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