July 22, 2015

How To Take A Guy To His Boiling Point

Ladies, how nice would it be to have your man craving your touch every single minute all day long? Isn’t this the kind of sexual power you want to have over him?The kind of sexual power that will not just get him aroused, but also get him so aroused that he can hardly contain himself. Well, here are some tips to help you take him to his boiling point and make him ready to explode:

Don’t Be Afraid. Put Your Mouth Where The Honey Is

Give him a mind blowing oral action. Let your tongue do the “walking” on his manhood. Do it like it is a lollipop and you’re the girl who fancies sugary stuff. In order to take his excitement a level higher, avoid burying you head as show your skills. Look him in the eyes, men are visually stimulated. And you’ll never go wrong. Moan a little to signal him that you are enjoying every instant of it as much as he is.

Create Sexual Tension – All Day

When it comes to sex, the more you build his anticipation, the higher the level of excitement. Start working on him the moment he leaves the house in the morning and by evening he will come busting through the door ready to take you right there and then. While he is at work, send him racy pictures of you in seductive positions and texts telling him what you expect when he comes back.

Show Him Something Sexy

Another tip to get him going is to show him something sexy. As mentioned earlier men are visually stimulated. To give him this stimulation dress in a sexy lingerie. This will not only get his heart racing and his blood pumping to some particular body parts, but will also make you feel sexy and turned on as well. Nothing beats the bedroom experience of two turned on people.

Do A Strip Tease For Him

Let out the bad girl in you. Have sit on a chair, turn on suitable music and little by little and seductively dance around him as you take off your clothes one at a time. Use your different body parts to touch him erratically. As you move sexily in front of him, let your legs touch his slightly and for an added effect you may tie his hands behind the chair so that he can’t touch you when so needs to.

Take Charge

Generally, men like to be in the control. However, showing them your assertive side can get his sexual juices flowing. Make yourself the boss and tell him what you need him to do. Take his body and let it be your playground.

Talk dirty to him. Whisper some naughty things in his ear and you will get him going, quicker than you ever imagined.

Pleasure Yourself Along the Way

This may sound crazy, but men get sexually excited when they see women take their sexual desires into their own hands. Therefore, as you work to bring up his excitement levels, work on yours too. This does not only take him to his boiling point, but it also gives him an idea on how and where you like to be touched.


If you follow these tips well, your man won’t know what hit him. You will have given him something that he has never been given before.

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