October 26, 2011

How to make your relationship better

Many people who intend to be in a relationship or are already in a relationship often want their relationships to last longer. Its worrying to see the number of relationships and marriages that end up in break ups and divorce. Building a stronger relationship is not easy. It often takes time and patience between the partners. When it comes to relationships its not only about love that makes a relationship stronger, there are many things apart from love and attraction that bring about a stronger and a healthier relationship. I don’t disagree that attraction and love are the key to a stronger relationship, what I mean is; love should just spice up the core foundations of your relationship.

If you intend to spend the rest of your life with the girl you are currently dating or just don’t want your marriage to end up in divorce courts, there are things you can do to help build a healthy relationship. In this article, I will extensively talk about things that will help you build a strong relationship.

You want a long lasting , stronger and a more happier relationship? Read the tips below.

Any relationship that is based on trust from the beginning, is automatically a healthy relationship. Let your woman trust you. Let her know she is yours alone and she doesn’t need to worry about other women the moment you are not close to her. Lack of trust brings insecurity in relationships and eventually leads to break ups. Assure her of your love to her. This not only gives you a piece of mind about your relationship, trust helps in building a stronger relationship.

This is no myth. Talk to your girlfriend. Take time to listen to your girl, doing this will help you know how she feels and it brings the two of you closer. Learn to talk out your fears, values, issues and commitments to her so that she clearly knows where the relationship is heading. Learn to solve problems before they spark unnecessary quarrels. Call her during the day, wake her up with sweet morning texts. Doing this will make her feel special. Communication not only brings you closer it helps build a stronger relationship.

Respect is another good foundation in any relationship. You should respect your relationship. Respect her opinions and decisions before brushing them off. If you disagree, talk to her in a respectful way. Don’t say hurtful things to her when she is with her friends or even when alone together.

Praise her when she does something good. Tell her often that she looks good. Buy her gifts. Spend time with her, have fun together. Doing this will make her feel loved and will make her feel good about herself. It will also let her know that you are attracted to her. Please be genuine on your comments. Let her not get the wrong impression on you compliments, just be honest.

These are just but a few ways that will help you build a stronger relationship in no time. Other key things can include forgiveness, being romantic, being supportive and of course being loving. Another important aspect in building a strong and lasting relationship is being patient and understanding each other.