October 2, 2014

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal assisted therapy is common in the country for decades and have been successful in various patient populations. It is based on the direct contact that is accessible to the child and the person or animal, which can be rendered regardless emotions, overcome challenges, develop a sense of responsibility and a sense of worth and more. Care for the animals, including therapeutic riding instructors are qualified professionals and a comprehensive training background in therapy and psychology, along with knowledge of animal care and use them for the benefit of man. Graduates animal care can be incorporated into the education system at work, organizations, treatment centers and other health funds.

What is Animal Therapy?

Animal handling present patient, animal or multiple animals and treats, charged with brokering the connection between the animal being treated. Therapists use different animals: dogs, hamsters and rabbits, cats ragdoll. At the same time, there are therapies using horses, held on farms for this purpose. Animals give unconditional love to the patient and nonverbal connection, allowing dumping to animal emotions and identification with him. In some cases the patient will be responsible for one of the animals and learn to develop empathy and mutual relationship, through the care and nurturing needs of the animal.

Who are the patients?

Animals can be used to handling a wide range of psychological relief to needy populations, each of which can produce other things from the relationship. People, especially children, autistic tendencies, can experience mutual communication experience that can develop other conditions with the animals. Children who suffer from behavioral disorders can develop empathy and the ability to acquire confidence regarding treatment. In addition, the treatment is also suitable for those who suffer from mental, children with anxiety disorders and depression, youth at risk, those with learning disabilities and more.

Treatment using horses

Combination therapy horses, based on thousands of years, the relationship between the individual horse. Treatment focuses on making contact with the horse, consciousness and knowledge of the unique needs and taking responsibility for feeding and cleaning him. This allows your emotional processing, along with the development of a sense of responsibility and value. Another combination therapy horses is therapeutic riding, especially suitable for developing a sense of competence and control, regulating behavior and overcoming anxiety

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