May 13, 2016

7 Reasons For a Late Period

A late period could be a blessing or a curse for many reasons. To a woman who has effortlessly tried to conceive for many years or months, the missed menstrual period is a definite blessing. However, the feeling is entirely different to a young girl who dreads pregnancy or a mother of four who is not ready for an extra baby. Unknown to many women, a delayed period does not always signify pregnancy. Other reasons make it happen such as;

1. Too much weight loss or weight gain

Most women are very conscious of their weight. They, therefore, tend to go to any extent to lose extra pounds to achieve a killer figure. According to OB-GYN Alyssa Dweck, an author of V is for Vagina, any weight loss that results to a BMI of below 19 can trigger delay of the menstrual period. On the other hand, women with unhealthy eating habits tend to gain excessive weight, and this also interferes with their normal menstrual occurrence. Too low or high body weight causes hormonal imbalance and this result to delayed and irregular menstrual period.

2. Excessive exercising

While fitness is recommended, excessive exercising affects the normal functioning of the body. It is especially so if the exercising starts abruptly and the body is not accustomed to it. If you have been training to participate in a Marathon or any other event that requires excessive use of the body energy, it could be the reason your period went missing.

3. Stress

Stress is the leading cause of hormonal imbalance in human beings. Intense anxiety results to sickness, excessive weight gain or loss as well as your regular body functioning. The hypothalamus, the brain part that regulates period hormones, is majorly affected when all these delimiting factors occur. As a result, this section of the brain affects the normal functioning of the body and this result to delayed periods. Trying out relaxation and meditation sessions can aid in stress relieving as well as bring your menses back to the regular order.

4. Birth control

Birth control plans contain two powerful hormones that prevent the production of eggs in the ovaries: estrogen and progestin. A woman who just started using hormonal birth control method may take approximately six months before the period finally gets a regular flow. Implants and other injectible plans also tend to cause delayed or even stop periods in some cases.

5. Underlying medical conditions

Chronic diseases such as Diabetes or conditions like cysts on the ovaries cause delayed or missed periods. In some cases, it could come as a light irregular period that stops after a short while. Women under antidepressants and psychiatric medications also tend to have delayed menses due to the effect of these drugs on the hormones.

6. Part of growth in teenagers

Most teens freak out when their menstrual period delay for a day or two. However, this is part of their growth as the reproductive organs continue to mature. Their hormones are also rapidly changing, and this also causes delay.

7. Perimenopause

If you are in your 40’s, don’t wonder if the red indicator resists signal up to after two weeks. Perimenopause is that period when your body starts making a shift towards menopause. Since women stop getting their periods during menopause, perimenopause serves as a preparation for bringing them to a stop.

Final thoughts

If you have taken a test and the pregnancy results show negative, relax and wait for your menstrual period. Any of the seven reasons above could be the cause of the delay. However, if the menses come back as a heavy flow accompanied with a fever, nausea, and severe pain, see your doctor for better diagnosis and treatment.


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