Hemorrhoids are actually a buildup of blood vessels in the rectum, which can occur on the inside or the outside, and they put pressure on the area, creating pain and making it difficult for the normal person’s basic needs, as well as often accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoids occur in both men and women, and statistically speaking, hemorrhoids hurt by about fifty percent of the population, suffers when women suffer from it more than men, especially during pregnancy and after.

Hemorrhoids, beyond the aesthetic and not being a source of embarrassment for many people, accompanied by pain and bleeding.

Hemorrhoids occur for various reasons, and women suffer more side mainly because of the birth, because during pregnancy and childbirth strong pressure on the area, which stimulates and encourages the emergence of the phenomenon. Also, hemorrhoids may develop constipation as a result of recurring phenomenon, why the pressure zone of the anal sphincter.

In most cases, hemorrhoids are in their thirties in women and men and the emergence of  Alexandria’s Genesis


Hemorrhoids – You do not have to live with them!!

Treatment of hemorrhoids consists of various parameters, when, being kept in the clinic you will get two options for the treatment of hemorrhoids, one is through acupuncture, and the other is using a paste. Two types of treatment are being made homeopathic methods and custom tailored to the patient.

Tips to assist in the treatment of hemorrhoids

To alleviate the problem there are a few things you can do. One of them is diet.

An extended stay on the toilet, sitting bowed forward and operation of pressure is one of the significant causes of the emergence of hemorrhoids, therefore, comfortably visiting habits change along with a change in eating habits and adding fiber-rich foods will definitely help in treating hemorrhoids and relieve the problem.

Many people avoid getting hemorrhoids treatment following the discomfort, but it is a widespread clinical problem there is no reason to live with it. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, do not hesitate and contact us for assistance with alternative medicine. Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant phenomenon, very painful and uncomfortable, while treating hemorrhoids is simple, fast and significantly eases the situation