How to turn a guy on – 5 tips

There numerous ways which most women try to focus on with an aim of turning a guy on, but without the right tactics and actions, a woman might be missing the opportunity to turn the man on. All a woman need to know is that every man has one thing he loves in his sex life. However, don’t worry yourself on this, this context will share some tips, behaviors and tricks that are potential in turning a man on. You could be sexy and attractive but if you still feel that you are still not in position to turn him on, below are some tips on how to get him turned on.

Make the guy feel happy and sexy

Turning a man on may seem a difficult exercise, but having the know how on how to strike the ego in the man can be of great help. There various ways, through which you can strike a man’s ego and make him feel sexy. Some of the ways are: telling him how sexy his eyes are or how sexy his smile is, or how his shoulders look sexy. When a man feels sexy around a woman, he feels a lot more turned on. Let him know how sexy he is and in return, you will have him turned on.

Play shy and coy

If you want to take control over any man, you will need to go an extra mile of playing shy and coy. It is essential to play coy and shy when you want to turn the man on. You can do this by teasing him and acting like you are pushing him away, but make sure you make him come back. Always seduce him and gently tease him like a shy lady. Definitely, the man will appreciate that and love you for that; hence you will have that man attracted to you and turned on at the same time

Flirt with other men

It’s in the genetic of men, whenever a man sees his woman with another guy flattering, automatically he will feel jealous. Flitting with other men achieves in making him turned on since it makes him desire the woman even more when he sees other guys fancy with her. It doesn’t matter whether your relationship is steady or not, you should flirt with other guys in order to turn him one often.
Prepare a list of topics to talk with other guys, so you wont be embarrassed.

Flit with the guy

Always find a new way to create that sexual mood and you will realize how great it can achieve in turning him on. It is very easy, all you have to do is to pretend like you have just met him, go for a date in that nice coffee shop and act nervous just like a school girl. This makes the man remember all the sexy qualities that drew him to you the first time he approached you. These memories automatically turn him on.

Show some skin

This helps greatly in turning a man on because men are easily pleased visually. Every man always wants to see his girlfriend looking beautiful and attractive always. Wear that short skirt or dress that reveals your legs whenever you are going for an out. This is because what really turns on most guys is seeing that bit of skin.

In conclusion, the above tips always work wonders when it comes to turning a man on. It also important to always get him in the mood before getting to the highlight of your night, get familiar with how you guy’s mind works and what really matter to him. You can be a sexy chick and hot in bed but without practicing the above tips, there is every chance that you are missing the opportunity to fully impress, seduce and turn the guy on at the same time.